Monday, March 12, 2012

Bumpity Bump

Ποιητικόν διάλειμμα. Ας θαυμάσουμε όλοι την τέχνη του double dactyl (δεν ξέρω πώς λέγεται στα ελληνικά, αλλά είμαι σίγουρη ότι ακούγεται πρόστυχο). Ποιηματάκι με θεαματικά αυστηρούς κανόνες μέτρου και σύνθεσης, οι οποίοι γίνονται λιανά ως εξής. Δύο στροφές, τεσσάρων στίχων έκαστη, όλο μία πρόταση (περίοδος μάλλον...), όπου:

1 BUMPity BUMPity = repetitive nonsense such as "higgledy piggledy"
2 BUMPity BUMPity = the subject of the poem, usually a proper noun
3 BUMPity BUMPity
4 BUMPity BUMP = rhymes with 8th

5 BUMPity BUMPity =
6 BUMPity BUMPity = single word
7 BUMPity BUMPity =
8 BUMPity BUMP = rhymes with 4th

Μερικά χαριτωμένα παραδείγματα:

Emily Dickinson
Liked to use dashes in-
Stead of full stops.

Nowadays, faced with such
Critics and editors
Send for the cops.

~ Wendy Cope

Christopher Eccleston
Famously portrayed a
Doctor named Who

Flying about with a
Capable copper box
Without a loo.

~ Niles

Higgledy piggledy,
Grecian philosophers,
Faced with a world full of
Trouble and strife,

Write of the formal and
Reasons for making a
Mess of your life.

~ L. Van Essen-Fishman

Sheriff of Nottingham
Can’t see the forest be-
Cause of the trees.

In them are Robin Hood’s
Fiscal exchanges; the
Rich are displeased.

~ S. Fried

Και λινκάκια:

Υ.Γ. Άντε κι ένα από μένα.

Hankety pankety,
Neil Richard Gaiman,
Author of Sandman and
Stardust and stuff,

Made my love swoon with his
Married Miss Palmer, and
Thus broke my heart.

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