Friday, February 17, 2012

Is your daddy a scab?

October 1939, outside a copper mine, Ducktown, Tennessee. Photo by Marion Post Walcott.

Τρομοκρατία από τα κάτω! Πάρτε κι έναν Tom Morello (δεν έχει embed, δυστυχώς), που εδώ αφήνει την κιθάρα "ARM THE HOMELESS" για να πιάσει την κιθάρα "WHATEVER IT TAKES".

For every action, a reaction, equal and opposite
That's why, my friend, the blood tastes good every time I'm hit
I got a will to win and a Cheshire grin, the Nightwatchman is near
And you can't get it where you're at, but you can sure get it here

So come rain or sleet or dark and night, come wind or frigid snow
There's a hundred thousand in the streets and that number's got to grow
And when we put the governor on trial, I'll be in the front row
Just take a look around, we're Union Town, 1, 2, 3, 4, let's go!

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