Friday, February 10, 2012

Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide To The Orchestra

Γιατί κάθε φορά που βλέπουμε σκηνή φλάσμπακ στο σινεμά, από πίσω παίζει φλάουτο; Γιατί η μπαρόκ μουσική και ειδικά το όμποε ταιριάζουν σε διαφημίσεις τραπεζών, ενώ το κλαρινέτο καθόλου; Πώς δουλεύει το theramin; Γιατί η μουσική που έγραψε ο John Williams για τους τίτλους ειδήσεων του NBC ταιριάζει τόσο πολύ σε τίτλους ειδήσεων;

Σε κάτι τέτοια απαντάει ο Bill Bailey στο Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra, αν και ως επί το πλείστον απλώς σπάει πλάκα με διάφορα. Μερικά highlights:

1) Docteur Qui
"I am a massive fan of science fiction programmes and their themes, and a lifelong fan of Doctor Who. It's a wonderful theme, terrifying. I remember as a child I was terrified by it. It just strikes fear into your very soul. But when you listen to the chords, and you slow them down, it actually sounds a bit more like Belgian jazz. It's like a Jacques Brel song."

2) Cockney Overture
"As you know, cockney music has influenced classical music for many many centuries, and I'd like to shine a light on that if I may."

3) The literal cop show soundtrack
"I'm a massive fan of 1970's American cop show themes. Are you? They're fantastic! They're just so cool. It was a fantastic era for soundtracks. It was when soundtracks changed, they started to adapt, orchestras started to get the groove on. They started to incorporate electric keyboards, drumkits, electric guitars.

And what I love about them is that they're so literal. It's quite quaint, you knew exactly who the good guys were and who the bad guys, just by the chord. The good guys got a perfect fifth: strong, compassionate. The bad guys got an augmented fourth.

We'll start then, a typical scene, our heroes cruising around the town..."

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